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Lawful War

France has done the world a favour by going to the United Nations Security Council on Friday the 20th November 2015. That it got sanction for military action against ISIS (DAESH) is a sign of moving tectonic plates by the standards of the UN. At the moment it is not important that France’s military response is in fact incompetent or ineffective from a military point of view. (That’s a common failing in military affairs). It is important because France chose […]


Misreading Bara: The Irish State’s database crisis


Catherine Murphy TD has done the nation much service in her time in the Dáil. Her most recent efforts to extract information from the State apparatus may have as great an impact as anything she has done. The Social Democrats leader set down a series of Parliamentary questions, asking Ministers if they were aware of the CJEU’s recent Bara judgment and if their Departments had undertaken any database building projects which were effected by it. (Here’s a snappy explainer on […]


War in Syria is Illegal

The people of France are in a difficult position. They, and others, are the victims of crime. Confusingly, President Hollande has declared in response that France is at war. This is confusing because France has no intention of “declaring” war on any other state (currently). The problem comes from the careless use of the term “war”. War is illegal, in principle, unless resorted to in self-defence. France signed the Kellogg-Briand pact of 1928 to that effect and later signed and […]


HSE has no record of legal advice re Health Identifier scheme


I have previously written about why I think the CJEU’s Bara Judgment makes Section 8 of the underlying Health Identifier Act illegal. (This is the Section that allows the state to try to pool the info they hold on citizens in other databases to populate this new one.) An FOI reply has now been sent on to me about the Individual Health Identifier scheme. I am surprised to see an acknowledgement that, despite the extreme sensitivity in creating a new database […]


What’s the prognosis for Health Identifiers after the Bara Judgment?


The Irish State loves a good database, as regular readers will know. I was doing the washing up recently, listening to the video of a recent event in TCD’s Science Gallery when I heard about the latest one. A store of electronic health records for women and infants, starting in four maternity hospitals in the new year. This is a subsection of the wider eHealth project being run by the HSE, which also includes the Individual Health Identifier database system. […]


Time to Remember


Jean Claude Juncker has cited previous refugee crises in proposing the settlement of Syrian and other refugees in the EU. He needed to look no further back in time than to 1945, and to look at Europe itself.In preparation for administering Nazi-dominated Europe, the Allies estimated that 11.469 million people were “refugees” in Europe, with 7.738 million of them being in Germany itself. (Many were slave labourers in the Reich). The European nationalities were represented in the following proportions: 2.3 […]


Why does my Conveyancing take so long?

The reply to the question is, to some degree found in a quip; how long is a piece of string? Another reply is found by looking at my solicitor’s reference bookshelf. The title of one book – “Contract and Conveyance” jumps to my eye. Making the contract precedes the conveyancing. What has a contract got to do with, ultimately, the registration of land ownership? A lot, is the answer. For starters, a contract for the sale of land (and buildings or […]


Safe Harbour Decision ruled invalid by CJEU

Max Schrems took his case when the Irish Data Protection Commissioner refused to accept his complaint that Facebook was transferring his data to the US, where he did not believe it was being treated in accordance with EU data protection law. The Commissioner rejected the complaint on the basis that it was “frivolous and vexatious” as they had no power to second-guess a EU commission decision that the Safe Harbour scheme between the EU and US provided ‘adequate’ protection. Today, the […]


After Bara: All your (Data)base are belong to us


Irish Government database plans may need revision after the CJEU’s Bara ruling.


Do even Intelligence Reports have to pass into history eventually?

Sometimes looking at these files, you can understand that it would be a bad decision to release them. In particular, the files from An Garda Síochána are going to contain sensitive material. And, files containing Criminal Intelligence Reports (presumably, though I’m no expert, including data from informers) must surely be some of the most sensitive. And yet.. and yet. The National Archives Act allows that a file can hold both sensitive and non-sensitive historical records and, for a S8(4) certificate […]