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Case Study

Sack the Minister

When the Food Safety Authority of Ireland tested a range of Irish frozen beef burgers, purchased from Irish and British supermarkets, it found evidence that they contained horse meat and/or pig meat. It found that the source of the offending meat was the respective manufacturer of the beef burger. In the case of Silvercrest Foods Ltd. almost 30% of one burger constituted horse meat. These facts were sufficient evidence to prosecute the various manufacturers (and the retailers). Prosecutions are necessary […]


The Allegories of the Nile

There is, however, a human type that is radically intolerant of the mistakes of others. Alternatively, that type is inflexible in thought. Alternatively, these are human traits which some people have and others do not; and some people have both traits.


All’s fair in love and war

I have written elsewhere that legal proceedings are not a search for truth. Nevertheless, in legal proceedings, as in war, there are limits to restrain the parties.


Reds, Whites, Blues, Greens

It was a moment of pure (unfair) competition. The parties had struggled for three and a half days and now the judge had leaped into the forensic arena, cuffing the Defendant’s lawyers.


Arbitration: Whut’s dat?

So, not only do the lawyers become judges but they thereafter scandalize the world (the non-lawyer world anyway; lawyers know more than they can tell).


Insurance Anxiety

The case was clearly of a type relished by lawyers as witnessed by this:


Where’s my Indemnity?

In commercial life the next worse thing to finding you have no insurance is to find that your insurer is trying to welsh on the insurance contract.