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Gender Equality

Shannon et les vols secrets

Bien, il ne l’a pas réclamé réellement étre légal, mais l’idée que,
le Governement Irlandais doit accepter –en bonne fois- ce que son homologue Americain lui indique,est une ide’e morte dans l’eau.


President Katsav

The complainants do not appear to have agreed to the deal.


Keeping Religion in check

Archer’s Religion Jeffrey Archer has written a new book, – “The Gospel According to Judasâ€?. He says he wanted it to be a gospel; that it be in verse; that it be credible scholarship. So, he had the assistance of Fr. Francis J. Moloney S D B A report coming to hand says it looks, feels and reads like a gospel, and the author’s name is absent from the cover. (Actually it purports to be written by “Benjamin Iscariot”). So, […]


Gender Inequality is politics?

See HERE for the background. To check out the members of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland see HERE


A small pee

Trocaire has expressed dismay and surprise at the ban, by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, on its Lenten campaign advertisement, promoting gender equality. See the Irish Examiner HERE for a report of the Trocaire reaction and HERE for Trocaire’s website response. See Eoin O’Dell’s analysis HERE of the background, reciting the legal basis on which the Commission might rely. Arguably, the Commission’s reading of Section 10(3) of the Radio Television Act 1988 stating “no advertisement shall be broadcast which is […]