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Keeping Religion in check

Archer’s Religion

Jeffrey Archer has written a new book, – “The Gospel According to Judasâ€?.

He says he wanted it to be a gospel; that it be in verse; that it be credible scholarship. So, he had the assistance of Fr. Francis J. Moloney S D B

A report coming to hand says it looks, feels and reads like a gospel, and the author’s name is absent from the cover. (Actually it purports to be written by “Benjamin Iscariot”).

So, Archer being Archer, we can expect heavy advertising for the book.

Which raises the question; what will Today FM do if Archer’s publisher places a radio advertisement with the station?

Will Today FM react as it did when Trocaire placed its advertisement with the station and unilaterally refer the advertisement for clearance by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland?

After all, Archer’s book is clearly a religious book? Right? Did he not support Margaret Thatcher and her voodoo economic programme for the United Kingdom? Was not her great friend Ronald Reagan frequently closeted with his soothsayer?

So, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, to be consistent, must ban any radio advertisement promoting Archer’s book.

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