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Godzilla is widely recognised as expressing Japanese fears of attack from the United States of America.

His activities have varied from film to film but trampling Tokyo is an enduring theme.

a) Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It embodies Japanese political power.

b) Godzilla films allude to the destruction of this power.

c) Therefore, Godzilla films are political;

d) Therefore advertisements for Godzilla films, on commercial radio, should be banned by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

See our previous posting relating to the need to keep religion in check.

One Comment

  1. Don’t forget that Godzilla’s defeat of the other monsters Mothra and Gaiden is seen by some as a metaphor for the increased ‘cosy cartel’ between lobby groups, the executive and the media in the USA where-in alternative opinions (other monsters) are crushed and silenced in a battle that, de rigeur, results in Tokyo being destroyed.

    In addition, Godzilla’s battle with Mecha-Godzilla could likewise be viewed as a battle between the traditional ‘controlled’ media and the emergence of ‘citizen-media’ via technologies such as blogs.

    The Broadcasting Commision of Ireland should ban this blatantly allegorical propaganda forthwith given the wide range of possible interpretations of a political nature.

    If they could start with the horrid Emmerich brothers version I’d be grateful.

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