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Two Dublin Cinemas that show the connection between show business and academia

Show business is very old. Arguably, the first philosophers were in that business. If what you say is important, you need to ensure that as many people hear it as is possible. Socrates, for instance, worked in the Athenian Agora. He had at least one location there where he conducted his dialogues; it was in the metal-working stall of a friend. This was a modest affair in comparison to the then current big entertainments, sport and the theatre, but the […]


RTE Digital and the value of the licence fee

Last Saturday I spoke at the National Media Conference. It was an excellently organised day. I was embarrassed to be sent out with the quality of experts they had assembled. After all, unlike all the people speaking who make their living in the media, I have no more expertise than any other reader in their industry. Nonetheless, having participated in a refreshingly sane and reasonable discussion about the meaning and impact of Leveson to the media here, I went next […]



McGarr Solicitors will endeavour, (on application here), to see that you have access to free Guinness, not for the occasion, but in association with it.


Continuous Professional Development

In the real world, the best form of CPD is to do. Do the work and you know more than any lecture can ever convey.


MRSA Conference

The MRSA & Families Network have organised a conference entitled, “MRSA: What is it costing us?â€? to be held on 19TH JUNE 2007 at the Emmett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin, from 9.30 am to 4.40 pm.


Talk on Data Retention at Barcamp Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland Originally uploaded by Tom Raftery. I attended Barcamp on Saturday, held in Enterprise Ireland’s Webworks Building in Cork. Digital Rights Ireland‘s Chairman TJ McIntyre had asked me to give a talk about their court case challenging Data Retention. The day itself was very impressive- all thanks to the efforts of the organisers- and the grid of talks soon filled up with an impressively varied choice of topics. My presentation was first, and I ran through who DRI […]