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The PIAB Injuries Board pitfalls


The Personal Injuries Assessment Board was established and is operated on a flawed proposition; that it deals with matters of such simplicity that injured persons seeking an assessment have no need of legal advice or assistance in doing so. The proposition is flawed as a matter of commonsense. Before the introduction of the Injuries Board system (then known as the Personal Injuries Assessment Board or PIAB) almost every claimant for compensation for personal injury sought the assistance and advice of […]


A Car Accident, Solicitors and the common good

Modern people, sportsmen/women excepted, are most at risk of serious injury when travelling on the road. The energy bundled in a motor car, or other vehicle, is considerable. If that energy is suddenly blocked, which is what happens in a typical car accident, it must go somewhere and, unfortunately, it sometimes goes into us. Then you are injured and the nature and extent of that injury is determined by chance. Make no mistake; as a society, we have planned these accidents. […]


The Injuries Board steps up its War on “Thoughts”

The Injuries Board is also called the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. It was established by statute in 2003. Every person wishing to recover compensation for a personal injury inflicted by wrongdoers must first apply to the Injuries Board for an assessment of the value of the claim. The Board has issued an article today (26th March 2013) and Patricia Byron, Chief Executive, went on Morning Ireland for an interview. The upshot of the article and the interview is this; personal […]


Work Injury: Heat

Heat cramps will very likely ensue caused by a loss of salt through perspiration. Continued lack of attention to the problem can lead to heat collapse . There are variations of tolerance between individuals but heat collapse will ensue in more than two thirds of cases where body heat reaches 40-43° C. The worker will abruptly lapse into a coma. He/she will require immediate hospitalisation and immediate attempts to lower the body temperature. If the worker is to survive, his/her deep body temperature must be reduced to at least 40° C.


Accidents at Work: the Safety System (4)

EU-OSHA The European Agency for Health and Safety at Work The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) is an element of the European Union. Its purpose is that of an integrating and educational authority on questions of occupational safety and health for the EU and EFTA and EU membership candidate countries. It has, for example, produced an iPad App to assist employers in making occupational risk assessment. See it HERE. Its full range of publications on Occupational Safety and […]


Accidents at Work: The Safety System (3)

Having so ratified these conventions, Ireland is, under international law, bound to observe their terms and where required, take positive steps to implement them.


Accidents at Work: the Safety System (2)

The organisation runs courses and seminars on safety and health at work and has a library of booklets, leaflets and posters.


Accidents at Work: the Safety System (1)

It is charged with developing safety training for everyone concerned with work in Ireland. In addition it will promote research and studies into the prevention of accidents and disease at work.


Accidents at Work: the statistics

In 2010, there were 79,287 cases of occupational injury or illness. A little less than half of these were not reportable to the Health & Safety Authority.


Accidents at Work: the diagnosis

It has been known for a very long time that some occupations imply risk and cause injury to workers.