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Accidents at Work: the Safety System (4)

EU-OSHA The European Agency for Health and Safety at Work

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) is an element of the European Union. Its purpose is that of an integrating and educational authority on questions of occupational safety and health for the EU and EFTA and EU membership candidate countries. It has, for example, produced an iPad App to assist employers in making occupational risk assessment. See it HERE. Its full range of publications on Occupational Safety and Health are available free HERE.


The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a sub-agency of the United Nations. Its purpose is that of a directing and coordinating authority on questions of human health for the world.  It runs a considerable publishing programme on issues germane to its function in 7 periodicals and almost 80 new books every year. Its 2007 Global Plan of Action is HERE.

Occupational health is covered by WHO, often from a technical medical standpoint. It publishes an authoritative series of Health and Safety guides for workers handling industrial chemicals. Chemicals covered include:

• Acrylonitrile  1987

• Chlordane  1988

• Ethylene Oxide  1988

• Dichlorvos  1988

• Aldrin  and Dieldrin  1989

• Vinylidene Chloride  1989