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Lucinda Creighton’s legal bill

Why should anybody get legal aid in such a case? Because without some funding help, a person might not get justice. It is impractical to think that justice is possible for a lay litigant.


Legal Fees

Which of us is happy with our handwriting? Some, no doubt, but for many of us the admirable writing in our school handwriting workbooks is a thing of the past. [The United States of America produced its Declaration of Independence in cursive script (HERE)] So it is with other standards. Here in Ireland we call cursive script joined-up-writing and we aspire to that, but we have little tradition of its cousin, joined-up-government. In Ireland, government must be conducted in accordance […]



Insurance has a strange aspect which we often overlook; we are happy that we did not need it.


Contentious Business

Under the Regulations it is illegal for a solicitor to advertise “No win, no Fee”. Solicitors are not permitted to calculate their fees by reference to a percentage of the compensation recovered for the client. (Or as the Regulations put it, “In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement”.


Civil Justice

The debate has the unseemly presence of Lord Woolf in it. It is unseemly for him to “defend” his “reforms”. The subject is too important to be tainted by an effort to defend a personal investment.


Firstly, place telescope to eye…

Why do some people respond to social problems by supporting provisions that deny, in effect, the existence of the problem (“right wing”) while others insist on the recognition and resolution, by society, of all problems (“left-wing”).


Business is Business

Under the Regulations, the plaintiff client will become liable for fees only if he/she:

a) fails to co-operate with the legal representative;

b) fails to attend any medical or expert examination or court hearing which the legal representative reasonably requests him to attend;

c) fails to give necessary instructions to the legal representative; or

d) withdraws instructions from the legal representative.


Hold Your Horses!

It frequently happens that a Plaintiff is driven by necessity to apply for injunctive relief to the court before the trial of the Plaintiff’s action.


Flypaper society

Buglife was trying to restrain development which, as the Court heard, would probably result in two national, 17 regional and 37 local invertebrate extinctions if the development went ahead.


A Change of mind

In short, when the bad effects of a rule or rule change is manifest the Rules Committee is capable of responding positively.