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Text of Minister Sean Sherlock’s email sent this week to some opponents of SOPAireland

Re: Enactment of the European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012 A Chara, I would like to update you regarding the enactment of the European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012. I fully acknowledge the concerns that have been expressed by you regarding the introduction of the European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012 which were signed into law on 29th February, 2012. I wish to re-emphasise that it has been necessary to introduce this legislative measure […]


SOPA Ireland Duck Hunt: Killing Canards

Canard: An unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story; a duck. “I will introduce this imminently, by the end of January.” -Sean Sherlock, Sunday Business Post, 23rd January 2012 First, I’d to clarify that Minister of State, Sean Sherlock TD, has emphasised that he has not put forward any proposals to enact a “Stop Online Piracy” type Law. – He intends to bring in a vaugely worded law permitting copyright holders to seek injunctions without any explicit safeguards for fundamental rights, […]


SOPAIreland Alternative Ministerial Order: Jam Today as well as Jam Tomorrow

Minister for State Sean Sherlock is in an unenviable position. On the 10th of Jan 2012 his government was sued by EMI Ireland for their claimed losses arising from his alleged failure to provide for injunctive relief. On the 17th January the Chief State Solicitor entered an appearance to that claim. That means the State then had 21 days to put in a defence. By my, admittedly shaky calculations, this means the State has until the 5th February to enter […]


Making the SOPA Sausages

Bismark reputedly said that nobody should get too close to the making of laws or sausages. On Thursday, on behalf of the campaign, I took a trip to Leinster House, to catch a glimpse of the sausage machine at work. Together with Ian Bergin, who runs the Facebook campaign, and TJ McIntyre of DRI, I met with Catherine Murphy TD to discuss her scheduled exchange of questions with Minister Sherlock. We experienced the minute-by-minute changes of timetables and proposals […]


Message from Minister Sean Sherlock to All TDs and Senators

Sent this evening. Legitimate Copyright Protection in Ireland: not SOPA – Sherlock We all subscribe to the freedoms, the opportunities and the access to information that the Internet provides us with. Ireland is home to some of the world’s most innovative internet companies and we are determined to grow our reputation as a location where smart people and these smart companies can continue to innovate in this fast moving arena. The last thing innovators need is a culture where the […]


Stop SOPA Ireland: We must have Openness, not murky backroom deals

You will have noticed the black banner across the top of our site this week. You may also have noticed the sudden flurry of media appearances and debates on radio around the issue of Minister of State Sean Sherlock’s plan to introduce a law to allow the music labels (and other copyright holders) to seek injunctions forcing Irish ISPs to block access to sites they don’t like. “I will introduce this imminently, by the end of January.”– Minister Sherlock, Sunday […]