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She was defending her cousin on a dangerous dog prosecution but had to be escorted from court after kissing a solicitor, swearing at an usher and insulting the prosecutor while “fortified” with brandy.



Fraud is a little like the “golden thread” [of innocence until proven guilty] running through [British] justice; it means more on some occasions than on others.


Anglo Irish Bank Corporation (2)

There is a complete desert of information on the issue of the auditing of Anglo Irish Bank by Ernst & Young. The first pertinent question to ask is, who were the accountants, as opposed to the auditors? Were Ernst & Young also the accountants? The standard of care for an auditor is, almost invariably, that of the reasonably careful member of his profession. In short, just like a medical practitioner, the auditor is judged by the standards of practice among […]


Piltdown Man

It is highly speculative, but an attractive thought, that the Zeitgeist of the early twentieth century produced or induced two events; the development of the modern law of Negligence and the perversion of truth by the Piltdown Man hoax. They are connected in one respect; a lawyer was at the centre of each event. Lord Atkin, in the House of Lords, delivered the seminal judgement in Donoghue v Stevenson, and Charles Dawson, a solicitor, “found” the skull of Piltdown Man […]



His firm on Park Avenue, New York, has filed for bankruptcy and the staff are fleeing the offices without their wages.


The Madoff Mess

Financial management is, reputedly, a highly regulated field. Whether that is so in Ireland is already in doubt. The Madoff Mess may show the truth of the situation. That aside, Ireland’s financial regulatory laws make provision for claims in civil law for breaches of certain duties imposed by statute. The facts of each case will determine if these are available to investors to recover their losses.


Cerebral Palsy claims * : The Statute of Limitations for injuries at birth

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Time only runs against a plaintiff who knows he/she has been injured (or could reasonably ascertain he/she has been injured) AND knows who or what has injured him/her (or could reasonably ascertain who or what has injured him/her).



Possibly, identity is not coincidental with the person. A person may have several “identitiesâ€?. Some commentators deny that “identity theftâ€? is possible. In their view, what happens is the deception of a person or persons other than the person whose “identityâ€? was stolen.



I knew little of this show.