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Trashing the Constitution

We are lawyers. Because we are lawyers we know that the Irish Constitution is of importance to our clients. The Constitution is not perfect but it is of immense value and, for example, can allow of the possibility of suing the State for wrongdoing.

The current Government proposal to abolish the Seanad poses a threat to our clients. The threat comes from the destructive effect of the proposal on the Constitution. If the Seanad is abolished, very far-reaching changes to the Constitution will take place.

There will, undoubtedly, be instances of unintended effects if the Government proposal is adopted. By “unintended effects” we mean that they will not have been intended by the electorate.

One clear unintended effect will be the demoralisation of the electorate when it comes to recognition of the value of the Constitution. The sense of the value and importance of the Constitution will be diminished. This, and later Governments will find it easier to impose their will on the electorate, even regarding matters of fundamental importance.

We support the proposal of Senators Catherine Zappone, Feargal Quinn and Joe O’Toole (and some others) for Seanad reform without Constitutional change.

See the proposal HERE.

Vote no to the Government’s bad idea.