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EMI Records [Ireland] Ltd and Ors -v- UPC Communications Ltd and Ors : Digital Rights Ireland Ltd granted leave to move Motion to Intervene as Amicus Curiae

This matter was returnable today for directions by Mr. Justice Kelly in the Commercial Court. The High Court Record Number of this matter is 2012/12381. Mr. Ronan Lupton BL, appearing on behalf of Digital Rights Ireland Ltd and instructed by McGarr Solicitors applied to the court for leave to serve a Notice of Motion, together with grounding affidavit, seeking to intervene in these proceedings as a friend of the court, or Amicus Curiae. The court set a date for the […]


The Food Police?

The finding by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland of horse meat in frozen beef burgers invokes the following legal provisions: A)            Articles 14 (1) and 16 of Regulation (EC) N° 178/2002 on General Food Law; B)            Regulations 5 (1) and 6 of the European Communities (General Food Law) Regulations 2007. Under Article 14 (1) of Regulation No. 178/2002, “Food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe”. “Unsafe” includes food unfit for human consumption. The Regulation […]


Sack the Minister

When the Food Safety Authority of Ireland tested a range of Irish frozen beef burgers, purchased from Irish and British supermarkets, it found evidence that they contained horse meat and/or pig meat. It found that the source of the offending meat was the respective manufacturer of the beef burger. In the case of Silvercrest Foods Ltd. almost 30% of one burger constituted horse meat. These facts were sufficient evidence to prosecute the various manufacturers (and the retailers). Prosecutions are necessary […]


The Irish horse meat Dictionary

Horse meat: An additive to burgers. It is perceptible only by means of DNA testing and/or the use of an electron microscope (except in France where its very colour, taste and hooves trigger the little grey cells of French sleuths). Money back Guarantee: If you return your complete horse meat beef burger, with its wrapping and a receipt, or other indubitable evidence of purchase from our supermarket, you will receive back your money that you paid to buy the burger […]


Not Reassured

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has analysed selected consumer products sold in Ireland. These products are probably also sold in the UK. By and large they were “manufactured” in Ireland. The products are, allegedly, burgers made of beef meat. (1) It is true, they contained some beef meat. However, they also contained some pig and horsemeat. The proportions varied from sample to sample. There is one conclusion to be drawn from this; it is not wise to trust the […]


Irish Newspapers and Links: A welcome evolution of position

It appears as though there has been some evolution in the position of the Irish Newspaper industry since Friday, when the issue of whether links were subject to copyright was addressed on RTE’s Morning Ireland, the country’s most listened-to radio programme. As of this afternoon. Newspaper Licensing Ireland have placed a prominent statement on their homepage. It reads Statement on behalf of Newspaper Licensing Ireland Limited regarding use of newspaper content For personal use: NLI never requires or requests a […]


Some Reaction to Irish Newspapers demanding money for links

On Sunday night, we published our post 2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web on the efforts of the Irish newspaper industry to assert property rights over links. The post has provoked a good deal of comment. For convenience, we have collected up a few of the responses. Hugh Linehan, the Editor of @jobrodie I should acknowledge that it’s all factually correct as far as I know — Hugh Linehan (@hlinehan) December 31, 2012 Prof Jay […]