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For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Once again, the remedy for such social ills is to hand; introduce forms of proceedings in court called Multi-Party Actions.


Sub-Contractors, Construction disputes and arbitration

Contract Limit spraypainted on the ground

If a respondent is still trading (not in liquidation) it is open to the claimant to take the claim to arbitration with some prospect of making a recovery.


Legal Costs

Real justice would recognise the inequality of arms in this struggle. The formal equality of litigants is often illusory. Lawyers know this and act accordingly.


Access to Justice?

Maybe there’s a necessary correlation between shocking bumbling incompetence (as in the case of sometime EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy) and a prediliction to patronise. Whatever the case, we see it in the EU Commission plan to “give” a class-action procedural right to EU citizens. Mr. Almunia is in charge of this. He says, confusingly, that; “…only state bodies and certified non-profit organisations would be allowed to bring actions, and that any damages awarded would go entirely to victims and not […]


3rd Parties and Insurance Cover

Will Bill mention this to Mathew Elderfield and Professor Holohan? Will they write a letter to the Taoiseach seeking urgent legislation to remedy the situation? Will the Taoiseach act? Will he, feck!



Proving a loss of profit is a common event in “business interruption” insurance. It will also arise as part of a claim against a wrongdoer where the damage complained of has closed or stymied the business. However, it is not immediately obvious what the method of calculation should be. The claim is, inherently, speculative. The loss is the profit which would have been generated but for the wrongful act. The turnover for a prior relevant period would be a start, […]


The Financial Services Ombudsman

Bill Prasifka, the new Financial Services Ombudsman has started well, if we can properly understand recent newspaper reports. He seems to have issued some form of Press Release but it’s not on his website yet. The reports credit him with underlining that he is limited in the amount of compensation he may award against the anonymous “regulated” financial services bodies (banks) he polices. (He does’nt really; he reacts to complaints). Consequently, Bill awarded the maximum, €250,000, to a farming couple […]



If the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico happened in Irish waters who would be held responsible? The question is intentionally ambiguous. It seems to refer to a functioning “administration” which would search out culprits and assign blame and punishment. It seems also to refer to the principles by which blame and perhaps punishment would be assigned. The first aspect might lead to a rant and should be avoided; it is the second aspect to which I refer, […]


Financial Services – complaints

1. I have lost my savings in an investment with XXX Building Society. What can I do? It depends on the facts. Deposits in a Building Society or a Bank are protected by the Government guarantee. Even with the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society, the depositors with those institutions were secured and the deposits are available to be withdrawn. (In reality, all the deposits were lost in those institutions; it is the taxpayer who is […]



(Of course the foregoing is a fiction. Our Executive has ensured that the Oireachatas does not function correctly; somebody other than the Oireachats decided the terms of the Act).