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3rd Parties and Insurance Cover

Homer nodded; the “press release” from Bill Prasifka was in fact the Financial Services Ombudsman’s Annual Report for 2009.

Bill took the job in 2010, so he’s looking back to the long lost past.

Surprisingly for him (he’s self confident and apparently not self satisfied) he made no remark about the following in the report:

“In two instances the compensation awarded is being paid over a period of time in instalments as the providers’ professional indemnity insurance would not pay up the amounts in question – €50,000 and €15,000 respectively. In two other instances where High Court appeals went in the Ombudsman’s favour the provider concerned stated that it may not be able to pay the €60,000 awarded as it had no funds. Where large awards had been made and are under appeal to the High Court – €500,000, €700,000 and €100,000 – the professional indemnity insurer of the providers has indicated that it will not be willing to pay up that award if the appeal is unsuccessful.”

Subject to clarification as to the reasons for refusal of indemnity (Bill seems to be implying that the insurers are refusing payment to HIM. Well, yes they would. Because we in Ireland do not have UK legislation to allow injured third parties claim benefits of a policy taken out by a wrongdoer.

Will Bill mention this to Mathew Elderfield and Professor Holohan? Will they write a letter to the Taoiseach seeking urgent legislation to remedy the situation? Will the Taoiseach act? Will he, feck!