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For Whom the Bell Tolls?

There is quiet excitement in our household. Mr. KenMore has responded to the suggestion (HERE) that some easy legal reforms be introduced, with a silent determination to do exactly that. (OK, some less sophisticated persons deny this; they admit the silence but query the determination. I do not).

In such a spirit, can Judge Kelly’s remarks about the lack of a mechanism to recover excess tolls (if such they be) charged on the M1 motorway, fail to provoke the attentions of our benefactor Mr. KenMore?

Once again, the remedy for such social ills is to hand; introduce forms of proceedings in court called Multi-Party Actions. These are commonly called “class actions”. They permit a plaintiff to commence proceedings against a defendant, not just for his/her own benefit, but for the benefit of a class of persons, the plaintiff being just one.

This could be done relatively easily and quickly. The missing ingredient is, and was, political will. Nothing else is missing.