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O’Leary’s Benefaction

There seems to be no end to the debt of gratitude the Irish (and now, the English) legal profession owe to the managing director of Ryanair. He has clarified the words of a suitable jurisdiction clause on websites to confer jurisdiction within the EU. See HERE for how he did it. (This writer has adapted those words below to accommodate his purposes and intentions. Feel free to appropriate the clause without attribution, but on terms of repudiation of liability by […]


Pleading the Belly

However, I look forward to the case where I inform a court that my client will so plead.


Multi-Party litigation

Ireland has nominal provision for multi-party litigation.


Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

The Bridewell, originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp.   1. The title phrase (Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum: “let justice be done, though the heavens fall”). is incised in the stone above the entrance to the Bridewell police station in Chancery Street, behind the Four Courts. This has the appearance of an error; the District Court adjoins the police station (they are connected by an underground passageway to securely transfer prisoners from one to the other) and the phrase, logically, belongs on the […]


Infrequently Asked Questions

1. Are Pleadings public documents? Answer: No, in the sense that the public do not have a right of access to Pleadings. 2. Do the parties in the litigation have a right to make Pleadings public? Answer: Yes, subject to the necessity for care. Firstly, Pleadings contain allegations or assertions. Court proceedings are presumed to culminate in the production of evidence by a party to support the allegations contained within the Pleadings. The publication of claims of wrongdoing in a […]


Digital Rights Ireland Ltd Statement of Claim

Following consultation with our clients Digital Rights Ireland Limited, we are now making available the Plaintiff’s Statement of Claim in the case of Digital Rights Ireland Limited v The Minister for Justice and Law Reform, The Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and The Garda Commissioner in pdf format. We have also added a link to the Statement of Claim to the previous list of pleadings in this case.


Digital Rights Ireland Data Retention Case

McGarr Solicitors represent Digital Rights Ireland Limited in their action against the Minister for Justice and Law Reform, the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and the Garda Commissioner’s data retention policies and actions. Following consultation with our client, we are now making available the pleadings to date in this action in Adobe pdf format. Digital Rights Ireland Limited Plenary Summons Appearance entered by the Defendants Statement of Claim of the Plaintiff