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O’Leary’s Benefaction

There seems to be no end to the debt of gratitude the Irish (and now, the English) legal profession owe to the managing director of Ryanair.

He has clarified the words of a suitable jurisdiction clause on websites to confer jurisdiction within the EU. See HERE for how he did it. (This writer has adapted those words below to accommodate his purposes and intentions. Feel free to appropriate the clause without attribution, but on terms of repudiation of liability by this writer for such use).

He, (we are now back talking about the managing director; (see what happens when you eschew words like “aforesaid”)) has promoted (indirectly) the use of interrogatories in Irish practice and procedure.

He has generated legal work for members of the profession (with more to come in England).

These are not insignificant benefits. Why is the Chairman of the Bar Council silent in the presence of such merit?

The words:

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