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Affaire de rétention des données de ‘Digital Rights Ireland ’

Les plaidoiries sont- après consultation avec notre client- disponible ci desous jusqu’ici dans cette action en PDF format (Adobe Reader).


Is it yourself, then?

It is high time to re-evaluate people. Take the Garda whistleblowers, former Garda Wilson and Sergeant Maurice McCabe. Few commentators have remarked upon an obvious fact; they have been subjected to extreme stress. People like that are entitled to our understanding of their difficulties. To claim there are only two of them, as then Garda Commissioner Callinan did, is laughable; it is astonishing that there are so many of them. Human beings are fragile, but there is a mistaken idea […]


Oireachtas Committee on Communications: Digital Rights Ireland submission re Social Media and cyber-bullying

The following is the text of a submission which we have sent on behalf of our clients Digital Rights Ireland to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Communications and Transport. It was written by Fergal Crehan BL on behalf of Digital Rights Ireland and is a genuine attempt to engage with the current law surrounding balancing rights to free expression with other personal rights. In addition, the submission draws on recent media reports describing Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte’s intended future […]


Digital Rights Ireland case

See the letter to Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering for the context for this.


Ireland’s privacy ranking

Ireland’s report card does not read well in the Privacy International “2007 International Privacy Rankingâ€?


Digital Rights Ireland: High Court Submissions

The High Court is seeking submissions from the parties to the Digital Rights Ireland case. See the Pleadings HERE. See the most recent post on the issue HERE The Court is seeking suggestions as to the form of questions to be submitted to the European Court of Justice. DRI has, in its Statement of Claim, suggested a form of question or questions to be submitted. Currently, DRI has furnished its expanded draft of the terms of the Reference to be […]


Digital Rights Ireland: Case in HC for Mention

he case was mentioned before Judge McKechnie on 25th March 2010 on which occasion he indicated he would deliver his reserved judgment on 21st April 2010.



THE HIGH COURT 2006 No. 3785P Between DIGITAL RIGHTS IRELAND LIMITED Plaintiff And THE MINISTER FOR COMMUNICATIONS, MARINE AND NATURAL RESOURCES, THE MINISTER FOR JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND LAW REFORM, THE COMMISSIONER FOR THE GARDA SIOCHANA, IRELAND AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Defendants UPDATE The Plaintiff has received notice from the Irish Human Rights Commission of the intention of the Commission to apply to the High Court by Motion on 10th December 2007 for liberty to appear as amicus curiae in the […]


Digital Rights Ireland Ltd Statement of Claim

Following consultation with our clients Digital Rights Ireland Limited, we are now making available the Plaintiff’s Statement of Claim in the case of Digital Rights Ireland Limited v The Minister for Justice and Law Reform, The Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and The Garda Commissioner in pdf format. We have also added a link to the Statement of Claim to the previous list of pleadings in this case.