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Ireland’s privacy ranking

Ireland’s report card does not read well in the Privacy International “2007 International Privacy Rankingâ€?:-

Systemic failure to uphold safeguards.

See HERE for the report.

It lists the following remarks on Ireland:

1. No explicit right to privacy in constitution, Supreme Court has seen an implicit right in Article 40.3.1

2. Comprehensive privacy law, with broad exemptions for security, tax, and combating crime; misuse of data is also criminalized

3. Improvements in the law went into effect in 2007

4. High Court imposed safeguards on the disclosure of identity of suspected file-sharers

5. One of the longest data retention regimes in Europe; currently pursuing legal action on this issue to ensure the government has the ability to uphold its retention regime

6. Planning Automatic Number Plate Recognition

7. Extensive data matching and use of unique identifiers

8. While the Garda are prohibited from collecting personal identification numbers from nationals, they may do so in relation to non-EU nationals

9. A public services card is being developed

10. No plans for fingerprints in biometric passports

Digital Rights Ireland report HERE on the ranking and make provision for emailing the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform to query what he is doing on the issues raised.