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Contract Law

Contract Law is the area of law most commonly encountered by citizens in everyday life. We all buy goods and services, we make deals with strangers and we work for employers based on certain terms and conditions. All these commercial transactions are governed by the law of contract. It is therefore hardly surprising that this is one of the most actively litigated- and most exhaustively examined- areas of law. Whether it is a dispute between a contractor and a property owner or a demand for money due and owing in a commercial transaction, people instinctively understand that contracts surround and effect them in countless ways every day. The posts below explore different aspects of contract law. Some of them describing the cutting edge of new caselaw. Others look back to precedents which can be hundreds of years old to illuminate current issues.

Trouble in the Port Tunnel

The real news story of the Dublin Port Tunnel is not its faults; it is the role of the whistleblower/s.


Building Disputes

It is important to recognize that the expense of construction (which is considerable) carries the hidden reciprocal cost of the dispute and that the parties should budget for spending that money if and when the dispute breaks out. If that is budgeted for there will be a minimized loss of momentum in driving the dispute resolution process to an early conclusion.


Arbitration: Whut’s dat?

So, not only do the lawyers become judges but they thereafter scandalize the world (the non-lawyer world anyway; lawyers know more than they can tell).


Michael Lynn

The beneficiary of a professional indemnity policy is the insured professional. His client, on whom the loss may have fallen, has no privity with the insurer and, in Ireland, has no entitlement to seek payment directly from the insurer.


Irish Building Sub-Contractors

Under no circumstances should the nominated sub-contractor accept any variation to the Construction Industry Federation nominated sub-contractors’ contract form.


Holiday Hell?

Mount Etna has recently erupted and, currently, I do not know if there is a danger of pyroclastic flow onto the happy tourists of Catania in Sicily.


Cork Debs: Whose Agent?

It is reported that approximately €196,000 paid by Cork teenagers for their Debs’ dance or dances, has gone missing.



“…sanitary engineers and municipal architects, men
Who by swearing that black is white land all the juicy contracts
Just like that – a new temple, swamp-drainage, harbour-works,
River-clearance, undertaking, the lot – then pocket the cash
And fraudulently file their petition in bankruptcy.�



That means that the management of PPP contracts is handed to the private sector; the opportunity for profit is handed to the private sector; but, the shouldering of loss is on the public.


The Duck of Death

mprobable as it would seem, it is possible to find analogy for Two Gun’s mistake and predicament in conveyancing. (“Conveyancingâ€? is the lawyers’ term for the process of buying and transferring ownership of land and buildings).