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Contract Law

Contract Law is the area of law most commonly encountered by citizens in everyday life. We all buy goods and services, we make deals with strangers and we work for employers based on certain terms and conditions. All these commercial transactions are governed by the law of contract. It is therefore hardly surprising that this is one of the most actively litigated- and most exhaustively examined- areas of law. Whether it is a dispute between a contractor and a property owner or a demand for money due and owing in a commercial transaction, people instinctively understand that contracts surround and effect them in countless ways every day. The posts below explore different aspects of contract law. Some of them describing the cutting edge of new caselaw. Others look back to precedents which can be hundreds of years old to illuminate current issues.


Is this, as it appears, a typical case of cost overrun?


Whistleblowing (with teeth)

A False Claims Act privatises the effort of uncovering fraud of public funds and rewards the whistleblower with a percentage of the recovered stolen proceeds.


Insurance Anxiety

The case was clearly of a type relished by lawyers as witnessed by this:


Where’s my Indemnity?

In commercial life the next worse thing to finding you have no insurance is to find that your insurer is trying to welsh on the insurance contract.


Stupid ‘oul Pencils

Significantly, almost the first of Bertie Ahern’s issues, raised by him after the election, was the use of e-voting machines. The title of this posting is a quote from him, condemning the alternative traditional paper system.