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Accidents at Work*

Accidents at work are one of the most common forms of personal injury in Ireland.

Personal Injury: Case History – Conway v Burlington Industries (Ireland) Ltd.

The Plaintiff was employed in the Defendant’s factory. There was a very large propane gas explosion and the Plaintiff was burned and his back was injured. His lip was perforated and he experienced a great deal of pain. He developed a phobia about fire.


Personal Injury: Case History – Dunne v Lyons Enterprises Ltd

There were crumbs and flour on the ground. She slipped on this and twisted her back in trying to maintain her balance.


Civil Liability in Ireland for Death

a right of action continues, on the death of the injured person, in favour of the dependents of the injured/deceased person.


Personal Injury: Case History – Fagan v Dublin Corporation IEHC

He tripped on linoleum which had been cut by workmen laying underfloor electric cables. They had not taped it back down or re-applied adhesives. The Plaintiff fell, injuring his wrist, knee and back. His back did not fully recover and he was unable to continue as a fireman. The court awarded him IR£75,217.


PIAB ahead!

PIAB applicants (i.e., personal injury victims) should take the long view and consider themselves fortunate, currently. Cassius Dio (58.21.4-5) records that, due to a credit crunch in 33 AD:- Tiberius then modified his decision regarding loans and gave one hundred million sesterces to the treasury, with instructions that senators should lend this money for three years without interest to those who needed it. He also ordered that the most disreputable of those who were bringing accusations against others should all […]


Information for victims of Personal Injury (2)

Barristers (“Counsel”) are members of a branch of the legal profession who have agreed among themselves not to accept instructions from litigants other than through the agency of a solicitor.


Information for victims of Personal Injury (1)

The existence of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (“PIAB”) should not distract from the need to prepare for the potential issuing of proceedings in court to recover compensation.



I have written consistently in this website of the hazards of work. Those hazards are very old. The excavations of Pompeii revealed the skeleton of a sixteen year old boy whose upper torso was excessively developed from physical work in fishing and whose teeth on the right side of his mouth were worn down to nothing by gripping the lines used to catch the fish. (From “Pompeii,:The Living Cityâ€?, [2005] Butterworth & Laurence, Weidenfeld & Nicholson p. 240) In Ireland, […]


Irredentist PIAB

What are the problems (statutorily enforced) that the Government has imposed on such plaintiffs?


Personal Injury – The Health Industry

Nurses as a group have a considerable level of complaint of low back pain, a sure sign of injury from excessive lifting.