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Accidents at Work*

Accidents at work are one of the most common forms of personal injury in Ireland.

Personal Injury – Fishing Industry

For Employers’ duties see HERE Fishermen are engaged in one of the most dangerous occupations of any group. On United Kingdom figures, their occupational mortality is exceeded only by mine workers at the coalface. Generally, they are twice as likely to die in the course of their work as a person working on land. Put another way, again on United Kingdom figures, fishermen have an annual risk of 1 in 500 of being killed in the course of their work. […]


PIAB and Personal Injuries

1. In Ireland, to suffer an injury in a road traffic accident is to be at the beginning of a painful (in every sense), long, and tiresome process. 2. Since the establishment of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (“PIABâ€?) in 2003, it is no longer lawful, with some exceptions, for an injured person (“applicantâ€?) to promptly and of course, seek compensation for such injuries in court. 3. Under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003 such applicants are obliged, if […]


Personal Injury – Construction Industry (2)

For Employers’ duties see HERE Under Statutory Instrument No. 386/2006 certain general duties are imposed on employers. The SI also transposes the terms of Council Directive 92/57/EEC into Irish law.


Personal Injury – Construction Industry

Over the previous10 years more than 70 people were killed and 5,000 seriously injured on Irish building sites.


Personal Injury – Cancer

A disturbing pattern of deaths in laboratory workers at Teagasc was revealed in 1989 in an epidemiological report prepared for the organisation three years before.


Personal Injury – Skin Disease

It is generally agreed that skin disease is the commonest occupationally-caused disease.


Personal Injury – Hypersensitive Reactions

In Ireland the principal occurrence is known as Farmer’s Lung.


Personal Injury – Airway Irritations

Irritations of the airways and lungs can vary from mild to acute and the agents are numerous.


Personal Injury – Pneumoconiosis

The pneumoconioses are caused by the inhalation of dust.


Personal injury – Asthma

For Employers’ duties see HERE Asthma is not well understood, and occupational asthma is frequently defined in terms of exclusion from other definitions. It consists of a constriction of the airways resulting in shortness of breath, sometimes accompanied by hay fever-like reactions or a cough or both. These symptoms can be mild or severe in degree. An attack of asthma can be very distressing, on occasions requiring hospitalization and can last up to 2 hours. They vary in frequency, but […]