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Accidents at Work*

Accidents at work are one of the most common forms of personal injury in Ireland.

Personal Injury- Time is running

The time within which proceedings for compensation for personal injury must be issued, at risk of being barred under the Statute of Limitations 1957 (as amended), was shortened to two years by the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004. This provision came into effect on 31st March 2005. Thus, prima facie, such actions must be issued before 31st March 2007 (or lodged and registered with the Personal Injuries Assessment Board), failing which they may be dismissed without a hearing on […]


Personal Injury – Hearing Loss Claims * for Noise

Hearing loss claims * illustrated by ear protectors image

The suppression of noise does not seem to be high on the agenda of modern industrial machinery designers. Unfortunately, worker victims of the noise find it all too easy to suffer easily-perceptible permanent hearing loss as a consequence. That is, irreversible damage can occur without the victim being aware of it. Dangerous noise can be sudden or prolonged. We have all found ourselves temporarily deafened by noise. Human hearing can deal with many such instances, if they are infrequent. Admittedly, […]


Personal Injury – Repetitive Strain Injury

REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY See HERE for the Employer’s duties. At least 120 people of a staff of 340 in the Financial Times reported possible Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms Over a two and a half year period. The injury is one of the most common of those listed in the reports of the Health and Safety Authority . The UK experience confirms this too. The condition is also sometimes referred to as Occupation Overuse Syndrome. It involves inflammation of the muscles, […]


Personal Injury – Employers’ Duties

Occupational Health and Safety An employer owes duties to employees under Common Law and statute. The common law duties have been developed by the courts as they decide cases on accidents at work. The employer’s Common Law duties are: a) To provide a safe place of work b) To provide proper tools and equipment c) To provide a safe system of working d) To provide competent staff In addition an employer owes duties under statute to safeguard employees in the […]