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Reports of Compensation for PIP Breast Implant injuries

Today’s Irish Sun has, on its front page, a story suggesting that compensation will be given to women who were the victims of PIP Breast Implants injuries.

Today’s reports have been mostly focussed on an agent (not a solicitor’s firm) who are offering to act as a middleman between women and French lawyers who have had some interim success in suing a certification body under French law in the French courts for damages arising from the PIP scandal.

As an Irish firm, we don’t practice law in France, and can’t offer any women who are considering taking a case in France under French law any assessment of their case.

The case in France has been led by M. Aumaitre of Khan & Associés. We would recommend anyone who is considering whether or not they wish to take or join a case in the French jurisdiction, should speak directly to their French lawyer, whether that should turn out to be M. Aumaitre or any other lawyer they prefer.