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In Praise of

cc Opensourceway

Had we but world enough and time…

To peer-review our works and rhyme

‘Twould serve us well in private state

But publick matters are not so fine

To let us leave the readers wait

Who pay us time for their estate

And not the purchase of our pine

– With apologies to Andrew Marvell

The news that the blog, written and maintained by Dr. Eoin O’Dell of Trinity College Dublin has gone offline was received in this office with very considerable regret.

Dr. O’Dell has, since starting his website, provided the public with invaluable legal information and explanation. His posts were written in an accessible manner but he never compromised his academic rigour, providing spectacular depth and breadth of supporting links and further reading.

Dr. O’Dell has been, through, one of Ireland’s foremost public educators.

“[A blogger’s] activities fall squarely within the “education of public opinion” envisaged by Article 40.6.1. A person who blogs on an internet site can just as readily constitute an “organ of public opinion” as those which were more familiar in 1937 and which are mentioned (but only as examples) in Article 40.6.1, namely, the radio, the press and the cinema.”

Judge Gerard Hogan
Irish High Court