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The Pears

1. The Irish Bar is pear shaped. More business is needed and should be spread better. In Ireland, Defamation law is fairly stable and favours the Plaintiff.

2. This blog has previously (obliquely) adverted HERE to the possibility of “litigation tourism” (that’s the latest derogatory term for “international arbitration”.

3. Captain James T. Kirk has publicly claimed Mr. Sulu is psychotic (See it on Utube HERE)

These circumstances are at once a spur to action and a propitious occasion to use the Bar Council’s “arbitration” facilities for an interesting piece of business.

After all, both Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu are known and have a reputation of sorts in this jurisdiction.

Should the Chairman of the Bar Council not propose the Bar Council’s premises for a trial of the issue as to whether Captain Kirk has defamed Mr. Sulu and/or whether Mr. Sulu defamed Captain Kirk?

One Comment

  1. Unfortunately, Scotty is no longer with us to do the necessary beaming up so we must rely on the efforts of the Bar Council in this worthy enterprise.