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Anglo Irish Bank Corporation (3)

Comment on the situation at Anglo Irish Bank is, if it is fair, privileged. The matter is one of public interest. This means it is open to people to speak about the situation freely without worrying that they might be the subject of legal proceedings for defamation.


The Pears

Captain James T. Kirk has publicly claimed Mr. Sulu is psychotic


Ex Parte

For this reason a court has to be very careful in making orders ex parte. The absolute necessity for the making of the order without notification to the respondent must be shown. Considerable damage may be inflicted on the respondent, unfairly, by an order restraining the respondent from acting in some matter or fashion.


Shut Up!

As part of their reply, in rejecting the criticism, they refer to the absolute privilege they were entitled to if they had chosen to make their disclosures in the Dail. They make the point they did not avail of this (on the basis that it might have been an abuse of the privilege).


Stop thief!

There is a qualified privilege for words spoken, without malice, to protect property or detect crime.