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Irish Foreign Policy

It would be really nice and reassuring if we could know what Ireland’s foreign policy is on some important matters. Recently, I heard the minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade on the radio; he asserted he was working very long hours and working hard. He said it was a privilege. I was immediately concerned. The assessment of his work is not his to make; it is ours. He should, instead have reported on the issues, not on his workload. With […]


How to read the McAleese Report into the Magdalen Laundries

When working in litigation, it is not unusual for a brief or file to expand by a case’s hearing date to number thousands of pages spread across numerous boxes. For this reason, lawyers tend to be good a extracting meaning from a mass of paper at speed. The McAleese Report into the Magdalen Laundries is over 1000 pages long. The important thing for the would-be reader to realise is that not all words are of equal importance. Here, then is […]


Rendition at Shannon?

Well, he didn’t actually claim it was lawful, but the idea that what the US government tells the Irish government must be taken in good faith is dead in the water.


The Irish ePassport

Biometrics is the statistical analysis of biological data. A passport, therefore, cannot be a biometric passport, unless the meaning of biometrics has changed. A passport could be biometric if the purpose is the accumulation of statistics, not of one person or passport, but of many passports. Passports, historically, were provided to travelers to ease their journey in foreign countries. A State document, requesting that the authorities abroad should help the traveler accorded with the fact that only States existed in […]


The EU Reform Treaty

We do not yet know what is in the EU Reform Treaty. However, we have some insight into the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which forms part of the Treaty.