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Legal Fees

Which of us is happy with our handwriting? Some, no doubt, but for many of us the admirable writing in our school handwriting workbooks is a thing of the past. [The United States of America produced its Declaration of Independence in cursive script (HERE)] So it is with other standards. Here in Ireland we call cursive script joined-up-writing and we aspire to that, but we have little tradition of its cousin, joined-up-government. In Ireland, government must be conducted in accordance […]


Conventional Wisdom

We don’t know. The reason we don’t know is that it has not been considered. The question is not one of fact; it is an issue to be decided by Irish society. Irish society has decided the issue already and that is reflected in the status quo. The status quo is this; a civil trial in Ireland is a contest and counsel for the parties will and does decide what and how much evidence should be adduced in a trial.


We have Counsel’s Opinion!

Sometimes, counsel’s opinion is just plain wrong. Of course, sometimes clients get what they insist on having.


The SMDF letter

As for the directors of SMDF, there are two questions.

A) Do you accept responsibility for the mis-management of SMDF, resulting in its insolvency?
B) If you deny SMDF is (or will be) insolvent how do you think you can persuade a court to appoint a liquidator to a solvent company, as your letter seems to suggest?


The Statute of Limitations

The title to this post is a misnomer; it implies that there is one single location where the law on limitations of action is stated. This is not the case, but it is the colloquial method of referring to the issue. The issue is this; at what point and in what circumstances will an alleged injured person (injured in body, property or reputation) be prevented from maintaining legal proceedings, for redress, due to delay in bringing the proceedings? All common […]


For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Once again, the remedy for such social ills is to hand; introduce forms of proceedings in court called Multi-Party Actions.


Mr. KenMore

Here are some easy reforms to bring fairness to the people of Ireland


Sub-Contractors, Construction disputes and arbitration

Contract Limit spraypainted on the ground

If a respondent is still trading (not in liquidation) it is open to the claimant to take the claim to arbitration with some prospect of making a recovery.



We should, however, know what it would be like if we do find ourselves as a Plaintiff or a Defendant in litigation.


Death of a Solicitor

What if the solicitor dies?