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Leviathan and greasy tills

Credit; In May 2011, Queen Elizabeth II, the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, was driven past our office. We saw her. Like other citizens of Dublin, we waved respectfully. We understand David Cameron, the UK prime minister, is also respectful of her. Nonetheless, she has to watch her step with him; he can politely direct her on important matters. Albeit he must be polite, he is not amenable to being curbed by her because she lacks the institutional capacity […]


Democracy and Free Speech

In Ireland, we have difficulty understanding broad concepts, or so it seems. Currently, the Irish Times (one, at least, of its “opinion columnistsâ€?) and the Sunday Business Post (the editorial) are citing the principle of democracy to accord respect (and, possibly, equality with the Irish referendum verdict) to the “viewsâ€? of other EU member states on the Lisbon Treaty. The Government itself (the Taoiseach) defends Mr. Sarkozy’s “rightâ€? to express his reaction to the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by […]