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That imaginary Manhattan of 1942 will live forever and will defeat all other versions of Manhattan from any time.



We should, however, know what it would be like if we do find ourselves as a Plaintiff or a Defendant in litigation.


Political Reform

The proposal needs urgent attention; the register of postal voters needs to be urgently up-dated.



Even so, we should not forget that Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan are both lawyers (and it doesn’t get more centralised than where they are) and there is, or was, (this writer thinks) no checklist in the world that would have prevented them from wrecking the Irish economy.


The Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010

We now know that barristers and solicitors are very poor judges of economic and financial matters. They (barristers) are the pool from which the judiciary are drawn. Why should they think they are superior?


Legal Costs

Real justice would recognise the inequality of arms in this struggle. The formal equality of litigants is often illusory. Lawyers know this and act accordingly.


The Banks lied to NAMA?

What possible lie could a banker tell NAMA that NAMA and the Government had not already slipped over on the public?


Du.. Du.. Dubonnet!

Our plaintiffs, Catherine Murphy and Finian McGrath failed in their challenge to defend democratic principles; Pearse Doherty has not.


Neutered Persian cats

By Irish standards this last point is hard to take. After all, we have the leader of our Executive addicted to the phrase, “…going forward”. His predecessor’s mode of expression was sufficiently eccentric, closed and personal as to be representative of a type; Bertiespeak.


Fundamental Laws

Sean Fitzpatrick’s business model for Anglo Irish Bank plc (when it was revealed to the public) had a familiar ring about it.

It expressed a belief in a perpetual motion device.