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Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury – Repetitive Strain Injury

REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY See HERE for the Employer’s duties. At least 120 people of a staff of 340 in the Financial Times reported possible Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms Over a two and a half year period. The injury is one of the most common of those listed in the reports of the Health and Safety Authority . The UK experience confirms this too. The condition is also sometimes referred to as Occupation Overuse Syndrome. It involves inflammation of the muscles, […]


Personal Injury – Employers’ Duties

Occupational Health and Safety An employer owes duties to employees under Common Law and statute. The common law duties have been developed by the courts as they decide cases on accidents at work. The employer’s Common Law duties are: a) To provide a safe place of work b) To provide proper tools and equipment c) To provide a safe system of working d) To provide competent staff In addition an employer owes duties under statute to safeguard employees in the […]


MDU – More revelations

We have written elsewhere about the Medical Defence Union and the cover it may or may not give to a member in the event of a judgment against the member for professional negligence. It appears in Australia, a professional is obliged to insure him or herself (ie, membership of something like MDU is not sufficient). Furthermore, MDU is in a postion to offer insurance. In such a case it will be unable to deny indemnity on the basis of the […]


Personal Injury Claims – Part 1

What do people mean when they refer to “Personal Injuryâ€? claims? It is, firstly and obviously, a reference to the consequences of an event; somebody has been injured. In addition, following the injury there is an allegation that somebody else has caused the injury and is answerable in law for that. Its current major significance is the consideration of the claim as an administrative problem. It also expresses a particular view of the “problemâ€?; administratively, the problem could be the […]


What the…!

It isn’t easy to generate readable prose on any subject, even one’s “own” subject. The principal difficulty is the depreciation of intellectual capital. We tend to learn what we know early in life and by the time we look authoritative we know less than we ever knew.