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MRSA – The Interview

The following is the transcript of a telephone interview on “The Breakfast Showâ€? on Newstalk Radio, broadcast at 7.10 am on 13th September 2007.


The Tort of Negligence

The history of the tort of Negligence in Ireland and Britain is long. The decision of Lord Atkins, in Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562, settled the principles for a very long time. The most recent re-statement, in Ireland, of the principles to be applied by a court in determining whether liability in negligence should lie, occurred in Glencar Exploration Ltd, v Mayo County Council [2002] ILRM 481 As the Supreme Court noted in Glencar, it did not see it […]


What the…!

It isn’t easy to generate readable prose on any subject, even one’s “own” subject. The principal difficulty is the depreciation of intellectual capital. We tend to learn what we know early in life and by the time we look authoritative we know less than we ever knew.