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McGarr v Department of Finance in Legal Gazette

It was pointed out to me that my case against the limiting of Civil Service promotional opportunities to those with set years of service is cited in some detail in the cover article in the new edition of the Legal Gazette. The Gazette is the magazine for Irish Solicitors, produced by the Law Society of Ireland. The principle established in McGarr v The Department of Finance, taken together with other cases, has now resulted in the Gazette refusing to run […]


Talk on Data Retention at Barcamp Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland Originally uploaded by Tom Raftery. I attended Barcamp on Saturday, held in Enterprise Ireland’s Webworks Building in Cork. Digital Rights Ireland‘s Chairman TJ McIntyre had asked me to give a talk about their court case challenging Data Retention. The day itself was very impressive- all thanks to the efforts of the organisers- and the grid of talks soon filled up with an impressively varied choice of topics. My presentation was first, and I ran through who DRI […]


Corrib Gas Case: Shell E&P Ireland Limited seek to discontinue

McGarr Solicitors act in High Court proceedings for Brendan Philbin and Brid McGarry, (the 2nd and 5th Defendants) in the Corrib Gas Pipeline case. Shell E & P Ireland Ltd issued proceedings against, inter alia, our clients seeking a permanent injunction and damages to assert the claim of Shell to be entitled to place a high pressure natural gas pipeline on the clients’ lands in County Mayo. In the course of the proceedings Shell applied to the High court for […]


Infrequently Asked Questions

1. Are Pleadings public documents? Answer: No, in the sense that the public do not have a right of access to Pleadings. 2. Do the parties in the litigation have a right to make Pleadings public? Answer: Yes, subject to the necessity for care. Firstly, Pleadings contain allegations or assertions. Court proceedings are presumed to culminate in the production of evidence by a party to support the allegations contained within the Pleadings. The publication of claims of wrongdoing in a […]


Digital Rights Ireland Data Retention Case

McGarr Solicitors represent Digital Rights Ireland Limited in their action against the Minister for Justice and Law Reform, the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and the Garda Commissioner’s data retention policies and actions. Following consultation with our client, we are now making available the pleadings to date in this action in Adobe pdf format. Digital Rights Ireland Limited Plenary Summons Appearance entered by the Defendants Statement of Claim of the Plaintiff


Welcome to the McGarr Solicitors Website

Welcome to the McGarr Solicitors website. We are trying out something which we think is new for Ireland- a full solicitor’s website run through the WordPress software. The permanent sections down the right hand side of the page under Our Practice will expand as we upload them. This front page will contain copies of each of those permanent pages, but will also publish shorter pieces. Some of these may be responses to events of the day, or observations on some […]


Submission to The Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group

The Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group Submission of Edward McGarr McGarr Solicitors 12 City Gate Lower Bridge St. Dublin 8 Phone: 6351580 That the “Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group” was established following a speech by the Tanaiste and Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform undermines its credentials. We already have the Law Reform Commission whose publications do not generally exhibit the realpolitik which is the survival imperative of Government Ministers. Why, then, the need for the […]