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Injuries Board

PIAB and other forms of Personal Injury claims

More about the Injuries Board

Errors in assessment (barring a constitutional action yet to come) cannot result in claims against the Injuries Board, but that is very likely not true of the doctors working for the Injuries Board/respondents.


The Injuries Board – some Questions and Answers

1. I have been injured; will the person who injured me, or his/her insurance company, hasten to fully compensate me? No, they will not. This is human nature and also implied in the social arrangements under which we live. 2. Will the Injuries Board ensure that my interests are fully looked after? No, it will not. It has a limited focus. It only addresses one question; the level of compensation the injured person ought to get. It does little to […]


Death and The Injuries Board

It is very possible for an injured applicant to know nothing of the personal circumstances of a guilty respondent. Even the Injuries Board may know nothing of those circumstances; the Board will carry on correspondence with a lawyer or an insurance company acting for the respondent (who, in their turn, may also not know of the state of health of the respondent).


The Injuries Board

The Injuries Board views this information narrowly. It extracts it as statistics and makes little effort to draw conclusions from it.


Santa’s Grotto

Sure, he was independent of the judge, but whose spokesperson was he?



Don’t expect expressions of regret from any participants, or admissions that the changes for which the Minister was responsible have led to this.


Independent Contractors

This means that confusion as to who is or is not an employee need not deprive an injured person from securing proper compensation when injured in a workplace.


Just a minute!

What a pity the court failed to make clear whether the Plaintiff had made an error by applying to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for an authorisation to issue proceedings against the Defendant or not.


Compensation Culture

The Irish State has a very poor record in defending the constitutional right to compensation for personal injury.


Legal Fees

Which of us is happy with our handwriting? Some, no doubt, but for many of us the admirable writing in our school handwriting workbooks is a thing of the past. [The United States of America produced its Declaration of Independence in cursive script (HERE)] So it is with other standards. Here in Ireland we call cursive script joined-up-writing and we aspire to that, but we have little tradition of its cousin, joined-up-government. In Ireland, government must be conducted in accordance […]