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PIAB and other forms of Personal Injury claims

A Death in Hospital

1. When someone dies in hospital (or having just left it) it is easy to overlook the necessity for notifying the local coroner. Why have an inquest? Is the cause of death not known? 2. Possibly not. In any event Section 18 (4) of the Coroners Act 1962 sets out the legal obligations following on the death of a person. “18… (4) Every medical practitioner, registrar of deaths or funeral undertaker and every occupier of a house or mobile dwelling, […]


The Medical Defence Union: “MDU”

Once again, McGarr solicitors have been criticised for a posting relating to Medical Defence Union (“MDUâ€?). Again, the critic is the Dublin solicitor to MDU. The criticism now carries far less force than the first criticism, consisting as it does of assertion and a refusal to engage with questions we raised in correspondence after the first attack. The solicitor instead confirms he is writing to our ISP. He has done this despite the fact that we took down the first […]


The Vaccine Trials

The Elephant of Forgetfulness extends its benign trunk to the Nuremberg trial in 1946. The public and, it appears, Mary Harney the Minister for Health and Children, have forgotten the trials (there was more than one) and especially have forgotten “The Doctors Trial”€?. Many victims of the Holocaust had been the subject of medical experiments in the concentration camps. Against the odds, some of the medical personnel responsible for the terrible injuries inflicted on the victims were brought to trial […]


MRSA in Ireland: Causes of the disease, who is liable and why

This article examines the facts of nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (“MRSA”?) and the applicable law. MRSA is a serious infection caused by a microorganism. We are engulfed by microorganisms. We cannot live without them. They are in the air; in the water we drink; on everything we touch; on, and in, our bodies. Most of them, clearly, are benign and not pathogenic. Pathogenic means “disease-causing”?.


The Medical Defence Union “MDU”

Our website has been criticised, indeed severely criticised, if not actually attacked. The criticism comes from the Medical Defence Union through its Dublin solicitors. It alleges it has been defamed in our article (now deleted) and that the article contained several inaccurate statements. We see, from the solicitors’ letter (to which we have made reply), there are a number of matters in our article with which the MDU do not take issue. They are: a) “[MDU]… offers membership to doctors […]


What the…!

It isn’t easy to generate readable prose on any subject, even one’s “own” subject. The principal difficulty is the depreciation of intellectual capital. We tend to learn what we know early in life and by the time we look authoritative we know less than we ever knew.