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PIAB and other forms of Personal Injury claims


I have written consistently in this website of the hazards of work. Those hazards are very old. The excavations of Pompeii revealed the skeleton of a sixteen year old boy whose upper torso was excessively developed from physical work in fishing and whose teeth on the right side of his mouth were worn down to nothing by gripping the lines used to catch the fish. (From “Pompeii,:The Living Cityâ€?, [2005] Butterworth & Laurence, Weidenfeld & Nicholson p. 240) In Ireland, […]


Let them eat chocolate!

What is the difference between poisoning the populace with dirty water and poisoning the populace with dirty chocolate?


You are Presumed to Know the Law

Without a lawyer, how is a claimant to know of the amendment of the Act of 2003 effected this month?


Patient Mishaps

What this means is that 24,382 patients received the wrong treatment.


Irredentist PIAB

What are the problems (statutorily enforced) that the Government has imposed on such plaintiffs?


Personal Injury – The Health Industry

Nurses as a group have a considerable level of complaint of low back pain, a sure sign of injury from excessive lifting.


MRSA Conference (2)

This is the MRSA collection, having regard to the conference in Trinity college tomorrow. HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE


Personal Injury – Fishing Industry

For Employers’ duties see HERE Fishermen are engaged in one of the most dangerous occupations of any group. On United Kingdom figures, their occupational mortality is exceeded only by mine workers at the coalface. Generally, they are twice as likely to die in the course of their work as a person working on land. Put another way, again on United Kingdom figures, fishermen have an annual risk of 1 in 500 of being killed in the course of their work. […]



If, in the light of the above, a patient contracts an MRSA infection, is it not clear, subject to rebuttal evidence, that the hospital has failed to protect the patient?


MRSA and Ireland’s Euro Health Consumer Index score

In 2006 the Euro Health Consumer Index put Ireland second from the bottom in a ranking of European states on the delivery of health care to its citizens. Was this a Pass mark for Ireland? Ireland subscribes to the concept of failure and applies it to its citizens in, for instance the Leaving Certificate examination now underway. What of Ireland’s health care system? How do we know if it is failing? More correctly, how do we know that Ireland has […]