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The inspector found that, Mr. Jim Flavin, having received legal advice, broke the law as to insider dealing, but, in the light of the advice, did so inadvertently.


Grand Night

In the King’s Inns the students and Benchers of the Inns eat dinner in the Great Hall of the Inns during term time. Each student diner is supplied with beer and half a bottle of wine (or port). Each Bencher diner is also supplied with those drinks, and brandy or whiskey. In Ireland, every judge of the superior courts is a Bencher of the King’s Inns. In the King’s Inns the last Thursday of each term is “Grand Night”.


Park Bye-laws?

Given that they are close to the persons who make up the Rules Committee of the Superior Courts, they will be unlikely, currently or in the future, to direct any criticism or complaint at the work of the Committee.



But it would be hard to beat the title of the book – “Represent Yourself in Court and Win!”, for an unhelpful and irritating phrase.


Emma Duddy v North Western Health Board & Anor.

She suffers from cerebral palsy after the alleged mismanagement of her birth.


Corrib Gas update

McGarr Solicitors act for Brendan Philbin and Brid McGarry, the 2nd and 5th Defendants. Their counsel are Lord Dan Brennan QC and Mark Dunne BL. The Chief State Solicitor acts for the Minister, Ireland and the AG. Their Counsel are James Connolly SC and Charles Meenan SC. Eugene F Collins act for SEPIL. Its counsel are Patrick Hanratty SC and Declan McGrath BL.


Cerebral Palsy claims * : The Statute of Limitations for injuries at birth

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Time only runs against a plaintiff who knows he/she has been injured (or could reasonably ascertain he/she has been injured) AND knows who or what has injured him/her (or could reasonably ascertain who or what has injured him/her).


In Mussolini’s Garden

One of the most influential ideas in Ireland is the belief that the State is superior to the citizen.


Digital Rights Ireland Ltd – Judgment reserved

At time of writing, no reply has been received from Hans-Gert Pottering, the President of the EU Parliament to the letter McGarr Solicitors sent to him.


PIAB complete

The MIBI was not mentioned specifically in the 2003 Act, hence the doubt. The judgment makes sense; anything else would have been an anomaly. Indeed, in a very real sense the 2003 Act was intended to apply to the MIBI more than anyone or anything else; they are the insurance industry.