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Faulty DePuy Hip Implants: How to litigate the issue

Calculate, with the solicitor, the various periods of limitations for the various heads of claim. They are; 2 years for a claim under the Liability for Defective Products Act; 6 years for breach of contract; 2 years for negligence resulting in personal injury. Two or more of these periods are coming to an end. This is a crisis for victims who have not issued proceedings.


Faulty PIP breast implants: The Time Problem

What are the actual relevant dates from which time is running?
For negligence claims the date is the date the woman received a letter from the clinic informing her she had PIP breast implants. For breach of contract claims the date is the day of the operation fitting the implants.


Imprisonment for Life

McGarr Solicitors represent a client, in his challenge to a variety of indeterminate sentence, before the High Court, and will report the outcome of the case in due course.


Faulty PIP Breast Implants: Questions answered

Is this a serious defect in the PIP Breast Implants?

If the breast implants do not rupture, it is probably not a problem. However, in all cases of fraud, as this one is, it is not possible to exclude the possible presence of toxic substances in the breast implants. If that is the case the problem is not just serious, it is serious and acute.



Anglo Irish Bank no longer exists. It is now called Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd. and it will never be “restored” to its “financial position” or any other position.


What do lawyers do?

Yes, you will need a lawyer or even lawyers, if you find yourself in this kind of trouble. Lawyers, regardless of what they are doing, are doing it to earn their living, among other things. Get ready to pay for the service and remember why you needed the service in the first place.


Defective Breast Implants

McGarr Solicitors have considered the problems of Irish women who have been fitted with breast implants manufactured by Poly Implants Protheses SA. (“PIP”). You can read our views on our other website Personal Injury Ireland.  


More about the Injuries Board

Errors in assessment (barring a constitutional action yet to come) cannot result in claims against the Injuries Board, but that is very likely not true of the doctors working for the Injuries Board/respondents.


The Injuries Board – some Questions and Answers

1. I have been injured; will the person who injured me, or his/her insurance company, hasten to fully compensate me? No, they will not. This is human nature and also implied in the social arrangements under which we live. 2. Will the Injuries Board ensure that my interests are fully looked after? No, it will not. It has a limited focus. It only addresses one question; the level of compensation the injured person ought to get. It does little to […]


Death and The Injuries Board

It is very possible for an injured applicant to know nothing of the personal circumstances of a guilty respondent. Even the Injuries Board may know nothing of those circumstances; the Board will carry on correspondence with a lawyer or an insurance company acting for the respondent (who, in their turn, may also not know of the state of health of the respondent).