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GDPR: Is your business a Foinavon?

GDPR is a race to the finish

Less than one year from now every business holding (i.e., processing) personal data will have undergone a significant process of internal change or will, more likely than not, be in breach of the GDPR. The change process will have started at the top of the business and will have devolved downwards in the form of training (and other changes). With a considerable amount of work businesses can make the necessary changes. Those businesses that succeed in changing and adapting will survive, those that fail will not survive the effects of the GDPR fines and other losses in the form of compensation awarded in civil action claims from individual data subjects (the people who own the personal data).

The process of change will not be easy. It will not be quick.

Organisations can get help, to change, from Data Compliance Europe.

PS. Foinavon won the Grand National in 1967 at odds of 100/1. His rivals fell at the 23rd fence in a melee. He was well behind coming to the fence and managed to swing wide as he jumped, gaining a 30 length lead on his rivals.