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The title means “Health Service Executive Clinical Trial Indemnity Form”.

In Ireland a clinical trial (which covers the testing of proposed pharmaceutical products) must be approved by an Ethics committee (of a hospital, say) and the Irish Medicines Board.

Because of the legal complications of supplying products on which, effectively, no assurances of safety can (or will) be given, it is standard practice for “the Hospital”, “the Authority”, “the Investigator” and “the Sponsor” to sign a Health Service Executive Clinical Trial Indemnity Form, providing for the payment of compensation without proof of fault to the injured participant in the trial.

In short, if there is any doubt about the sale of such products by a Hospital to a patient the original circumstances of the supply of the product to the Hospital will be recorded in a HSE CTIF. It will exist in quadruplicate and in four places.

That’s good evidence.