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Who remembers the three Rs?

They are (or were) a political idea, or phrase. So, you went to school and, at a minimum, school would teach you “Reading, Riting and Rithmetic”. (School often fails at this),

It did not fail this writer.

So, here is some of my arithmetic;

Irish Water paid €50,000,000 to consultants for, “reports” (I think), in one year.

Days in one year = 365. Hours in one day = 24. Total hours in one year, 365 x 24 = 8,760.

Divide €50,000,000 by 8,760 = €5,707.76

So, assuming non-stop, full, productive writing over the year, the consultants were charging, and being paid, an hourly rate of €5,707.76.

Is this what politicians and judges mean when they talk of “compensation culture”?