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Work Accidents and reading newspapers

Work can be dangerous.

According to a newspaper report, Cork County Council workers were working on the public road in hazardous circumstances. They had, allegedly, created the hazard for themselves and passing traffic. Their superiors were, reportedly, upset to hear of the incident. Any such upset is understandable for a number of reasons.

Road repair is a work of civil engineering and is regulated by the Construction Regulations 2006. Planning and correctly executing construction or engineering works is important. The Health and Safety Authority emphasises this on its website.

We know what can happen at the scene of Irish road repairs. Five schoolgirls were killed when their bus crashed at roadworks near Kentstown, Co Meath, in 2005.

It is the obligation of a County Council (and of its individual workers) to ensure the safety of workers, and the general public, at work sites. Breaches of these duties give rise to possible criminal prosecution and, in the case of injury, to claims for damages.

Judging by the newspaper report, among the elected members of Cork County, these obligations are controversial; they get in the way of work and the application of “common sense”.

Reading newspapers can be dangerous to health also.