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Sticking in your craw?

Recent posts have been food oriented. If the posts or your food are, reportedly, sticking in your craw, you are using a figure of speech.

Humans do not have a craw, birds do. It is also known as the crop.

Just down the bird’s alimentary system is the gizzard. Food does not stick there. Chickens, for instance, store small pebbles in the gizzard to grind food, they not having teeth. It’s suggestive of their ancestry in the dinosaurs, some of whom swallowed rocks for the same purpose.

As a figure of speech to say something sticks in your craw is an old saying.

There was a time, recent in Ireland, where everybody had an intimate knowledge of the farmyard and they were familiar with the constitutions of chickens and their ways.

Now, entire industries can figuratively stick in our craw.