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Flood problem resolved: Our phones, fax and email are back in service

FINAL UPDATE, Mon 1st November 2011

All phones, fax and email communication have now been restored to our office. We are glad to be back.

Update Fri 11.40 We no longer have any Internet connection to our office. In addition Eircom now says that it estimates it will be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week before our line faults are repaired.

We regret the difficulties in contacting us and suggest that ordinary posted letters are the most reliable form of communication.

We will continue to update this post with any changes to the status of our communications if we get them.

Update Thurs 2.22 We are now intermittently receiving incoming calls. These are of very low audio quality. Our fax line is still down.

The most reliable method of contacting our office remains by email [email protected]

Update Thurs 11.38amEircom have told us they expect the fault to be repaired 2-4 days from being reported. We’re now in Day 3. Hopefully we won’t go all the way to 4. However, as of now, the problems below remain.

Update Wed 10.40am They say things get worse before they get better but we find it hard to see the fact that our fax line is now not working as a positive development. Email [email protected] now the best method of contact

6.44pm Update: Eircom are running line tests. They say they’ll let us know what the results of those tests are when they get them.


Our fax line is also out of service.


Our email contacts are still running. Please contact us at [email protected]


We will let you know when things are back to normal.
Many thanks.