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SMDF: Darkness in Summer

The Council of the Law Society probably harbours people with mixed motives for proposing the bailout of the SMDF, but none can gainsay the fact that the appeal to the members of the Law Society is an appeal to them to conspire in their own humiliation.

The Law Society is entrenched in a conventional intellectual assumption that the Society is unlike other bodies and, at bottom, better. This view is, paradoxically, at odds with the fact that the Society has in the relatively recent past striven to grasp at manufactured heritage (the purchase of the Kings Hospital in Blackhall Place), a sure sign of insecurity.

A person of even moderate vision, not blinded by personal interest would see that the humiliation of an entire profession is against the real interests of that profession.

Consider; the Council shows no sign of devoting energy to meeting the challenge of the IMF/ECB bailout terms; instead it is navel gazing at a failed project of the past.