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SMDF: A pointed question

Should the Law Society not ask SMDF for some help in understanding the extent of the problem?

Here is a suggestion.

Ask SMDF what number of claims outstanding might fall under the following category:

“…any dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act or omission by the insured, or any acts or omissions which were done by the insured knowing them to be wrongful, or any of the foregoing in which the insured has acquiesced after obtaining personal knowledge thereof;”

This quote is from the Schedule of Statutory Instrument 312 of 1995,
with which the Society is very familiar. It wrote it.

If the answer is a number in excess of zero, perhaps the Law Society would then ask SMDF;

“What is the estimated value of those claims?”

Then perhaps the Law Society would treat its members with respect and convey those answers (or rebuff!) to the members before they come to vote on the SMDF bailout.