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Digital Rights Ireland Ltd: Letter to Ministers for Communications and Enterprise

The letter below has been sent to the Ministers for Communication and Enterprise, Trade and Innovation on behalf of our clients Digital Rights Ireland Ltd.

Dear Minister,

We write on behalf of our client, Digital Rights Ireland Ltd.

We note that, following the judgement in EMI Ltd and Ors -v- UPC, media reports have suggested that you, or your officials, intend to hold discussions with representatives of both the unsuccessful plaintiffs and Internet Service Providers.

We request, on behalf of our clients, that they be included in these discussions.

As Judge Charlton acknowledged in his EMI -v- UPC judgement, the lack of alternative viewpoints led to him ordering an injunction which had no legal basis in the related, earlier, case of EMI and Ors -v- Eircom.

Our client has, as its purpose, the promotion of defending civil and human rights particularly those arising in the context of modern communication technologies.

Digital Rights Ireland Ltd can call on experience and expertise at a national, European and world level in the areas of privacy and human rights, as well as in telecommunications and information technology. Its locus standi in the area of citizens’ rights to privacy and communications has been acknowledged by the High Court.

Our client believes that any discussions regarding legislative change should involve the widest range of interests being represented, with the aim of ensuring that any legislation drafted is done so with the benefit of all available information.

Yours faithfully,


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